#ada17 – the sky’s the limit!

Video 2016

The Ada Lovelace Festival community is growing fast. In the past two years the festival has welcomed more than 250 female IT professionals and over 70 international speakers making it a veritable festival of tech-knowhow, inspiration and networking.

We’re still absolutely stunned by the enormous (digital) diversity, the highly motivating spirit and the unique tech-insights that our pervious festivals brought to light and are going full steam ahead to provide an even stronger platform for the voices of female IT-practitioners with #ada17.

Become part of the community: Join us in October 2017 in Berlin to network, talk shop and immerse yourself in visionary keynotes, interactive discussions, innovative power workshops and a host of IT and technology tracks! Discover the latest industry trends, thought-provoking research findings, disruptive business ideas and a wealth of success stories large or small. And last but not least: Feel the energy generated by hundreds of women with a true passion for IT!

The Ada Lovelace Festival is the first European business hub dedicated to all women in the IT industry
Attend inspiring presentations by
50+ experienced female experts and thought leaders
Participate in 10+ workshops, sessions, think tanks and mentoring classes