Robotik Andra Keay Women in robotics

Why I love being a woman in robotics — An interview with Andra Keay (Silicon Valley Robotics)

A massive gender gap, a premature fear of robots and human stereotypes applied to machines — the field of robotics is dealing with a lot of issues. Still, Andra Keay, Managing Director at Silicon Valley Robotics, loves being a woman in robotics. In this interview she explains why.

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Léa Steinacker Tech in journalism

Tech in journalism – An interview with Léa Steinacker (Chief Innovation Officer, Wirtschaftswoche)

Can Tech solve “fake news”? And will robots replace journalists? We talked to Léa Steinacker, Chief Innovation Officer at WirtschaftsWoche, about the biggest digital opportunities and threats in journalism. And she has excellent reading recommendations for anyone hesitant about being a feminist.

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