Ada Lovelace Festival 2019 – OWNING THE FUTURE

Who runs the place we call the World Wide Web? Our world is getting faster, more digital, more transparent, and more accessible. Tech shapes our economy as much as it guides our individual daily lives. To what extent do we still own the digital path we are on?

This year’s Ada Lovelace festival is all about OWNERSHIP. Join #ada19 and be part of the inspiring speeches and workshops to discuss technical innovations and thought-provoking ideas and to critically question where the internet is headed. Together we will ask:

– Who owns knowledge?
– Are you the master of your personal data?
– Is access more relevant for you than actual ownership?
– Are we moving from material possession to virtual licensing?
– Who has the power over the stories told online?
– Are you in control of how much time you spend on social media?
– Do we own technological change or are we changed by technology?
– How do we generate security but keep privacy?

Speakers 2019

Monique J. Morrow

Speaker 2019

    Sabine Scheunert

    Speaker 2019

      More Speakers will be announced soon.

      The Ada Lovelace Festival is a leading European event dedicated to all women in the IT industry. An outstanding platform for tech know-how and the voices of female IT-practitioners has been established over the past three years. The event provides brand new tech insights, inspiring talks, valuable hands-on workshops and a unique networking base for the community of women in tech.

      The Ada Lovelace Festival is the first European business hub dedicated to all women in the IT industry
      Attend inspiring presentations by
      70+ experienced female experts and thought leaders
      Participate in 10+ workshops, sessions, think tanks and mentoring classes