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Technology - why it is a great support to solve risky situations (Sara Lozano Pérez)

Technology – why it is a great support to solve risky situations (Sara Lozano Pérez)

Sara Lozano Pérez, Digital Transformation Program Lead at Information Management Airbus Defence and Space GmbH, loves challenges, innovation, technology and people. In this interview, Sara explains how the rule „70% Listen – 30% Speak“ contributes to finding ideal solutions to customers‘ problems and the role technology plays in this context. Continue reading

Sonja Greve

Blockchain – When does it really make sense? (Sonja Greve)

Being passionate about Blockchain, Sonja Greve specialised in this technology. As a member of DB Systel’s Blockchain crew, she drives Blockchain’s flagship topics for Transportation & Logistics products, as well as developing and implementing new products and services for distributed ledger technologies. In this interview Sonja Greve explains why every competitive company should at least be familiar with Blockchain technologies. Continue reading

Svenja Falk platforms

Platforms – how SMEs & startups can take part in the future competition of ecosystems (Svenja Falk)

Platforms are controlling the markets. 7 out of the 10 most valued companies in the world are platform companies. For Svenja Falk, Managing Director at Accenture Research, future economic competition will be held between ecosystems and not individual companies. In this interview Svenja explains how SMEs and start-ups can play a role in this competition.

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Sabine Scheunert Mercedes digital

How Mercedes Digital is focusing on users not only drivers (Sabine Scheunert)

Sabine Scheunert’s goal  as Vice President Digital & IT Marketing/Sales at Mercedes-Benz Daimler AG is to conquer new target audiences beyond current Mercedes-Benz Car Drivers. She is tackling this challenge by working in self-organized swarms within the Mercedes Digital Unit to be able to change and adapt quickly. To work together with Sabine you don’t have to be a car nerd in the traditional sense. Continue reading

Simone Menne

How SMEs could keep up with digitization (Simone Menne)

Simone Menne is very happy that her current job as non-executive director for multiple companies gives her more time to think and the possibility for deeper research. She is disappointed that – in the German economy – digitization is seen more often as a threat than an opportunity. In this interview Simone Menne talks about an interesting approach how SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) could keep up with the newest technological trends. Continue reading

2 for 1 tickets ada lovelace festival

Special „2 for 1“-offer *limited time only*

Ada Lovelace Festival 2018 is offering „Bring your friends“ tickets for a limited time. Until August 28 you can get two tickets for the price of one.

Ada Lovelace Festival – 2 for 1 tickets

We are happy to be able to release our special offer: „Bring your friend“.

Until 28.08.2018 you will get two tickets to the Ada Lovelace Festival for the price of one.
You just need to write an email to with your names and contact details and Sabine will get in touch with you and  arrange everything for you.

Take a look at our colorful agenda including full descriptions and discover the interesting talks, panels and workshops we have put together. There is something for everyone at #ada18: ADA LOVELACE FESTIVAL 2018 AGENDA

Still need to convince your boss? Here are 5 really strong reasons why you should attend. Hope to see you there!

Kathrin Lemler

Tech kann Dein Leben verändern. Wortwörtlich. Frag Kathrin Lemler!

„Tech hat mein Leben verändert.“ Nicht viele meinen das in einem so wortwörtlichen Sinne wie Kathrin Lemler. Ohne ihren Sprachcomputer Tobii, den Kathrin über ihre Augenbewegungen steuert, wäre sie stumm. In unserem Interview berichtet Kathrin Lemler des Weiteren über ihre ersten Tests mit einem  Brain Computer Interface, welches ihre Gedanken direkt in Sprache umsetzen würde.   Continue reading